Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in Wolverhampton West Midlands

Knowing Cannabis

In America, about 4 million people are stated to take Cannabis drug. Compared to other illegal substances, Cannabis is abused more.

Cannabis comes from the cannabis plant, specifically from the flowers and buds. The method of preparation involves drying the plant and grinding it into crumbs which are then smoked like a pipe or cigarette. You can also directly ingest cannabis through Cannabis edibles.

These edible foods can produce the same effect as smoking the drug and usually baked goods and sweets are the most commonly used.

Various individuals take in a resin-like drug derived from the plant which offers a extremely intense buzz. The viscous substance or dabs as it is known in certain quarters can be wax like, hard or in crystal form and is usually inhaled after being vaporised. There are more than one name for dabs, including shatter, budder, and wax.

Some states use Cannabis for both recreational and medical purposes. Cannabis has been used a stress reliever and pain reliever and it can also be used to increase a person's appetite. Cannabis produces calming effects, as well as a mellow high sensation, which adds for its recreational use. Cannabis is popularly referred to as pot, ganja, dope, weed and reefer on the street.

In some states it is legal and in some it is not. There are still many people who have very little idea of the real effects of this drug thanks to misinformation.

Cannabis Effects And Misuse

Cannabis acts on the central nervous system and produces changes in brain function. The main compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for altering brain function.

Different users might be affected differently by Cannabis, and the effects are more pronounced when used in high amount. When smoked, Cannabis offers faster but short-lived results as compared to when it is used orally.

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Cannabis dabs contain a higher concentration of THC and that's why they produce a high even quicker than smoking cannabis and this high can last for a few hours. Cannabis can induce effects such as

  • Feelings of happiness
  • Altered Perceptions
  • Increased food cravings
  • Reduced Anxiety

Although overdosing on Cannabis poses no risk, the drug is rated second with Cocaine topping the list of patients visiting the emergency room after indulging in drugs. The cause of these visits are accidents caused by people who were under the influence of the drug.

Enhancing Thc Levels In Cannabis

Compared to the 1960s, the amount of THC in Cannabis that is available nowadays is higher by as much as 300 percent in some cases. The risk of accidents due to intoxication as well as dependency on the drug increases with higher concentration of THC in Cannabis.

Cannabis addiction is very real and someone dependent on it loses interest in other things in life.

Cannabis Addiction

Just the same way other substance dependencies develop, individual using Cannabis can also get addicted to the drug. Chronic Use of Cannabis effects the brain's dopamine levels, decreasing the natural production of the neurochemical.

As with other drugs, the brain reprograms itself to crave Cannabis. Hence for the time being, the use of this drug balances the dopamine in its normal level in the brain of addict. When a person wants to stop taking Cannabis but find themselves unable to do so, this usually means that they are addicted.

Cannabis abuse exposes the user to various life risks. Using Cannabis can lead to

  • Legal problems
  • Lagging behind in school
  • Difficulties within work
  • Weak learning capabilities and forget things quickly

The continued use of Cannabis, despite its negative effects is a indication of addiction. In this case, it is critically vital to get acquainted with the signs and consequences of falling victim to Cannabis addiction.

Cannabis And Other Addictions

Cannabis has been recognised as a Gateway Drug because dabbling with it often leads to use of gateway drugs such as Cocaine. Teenager Cannabis users have a higher chance of experimenting with other drugs and this is why many have termed cannabis as a 'gateway drug'. In past few years, more and more people have started abusing Cannabis, and majority of them being in their teen years. The risk of addiction to cannabis or other harder drugs is higher in teen Cannabis users than adult users.

Cannabis Abuse Figures

How To Treat A Cannabis Addict

Many people who have ingested Cannabis for a prolonged period of time find it a daunting task to quit by themselves. However, just like any other addiction, the first step to overcome it is asking for help. Discussing your predicament with your counsellor and visiting support a support group are considered as the best options to medication. Get in touch; 0800 772 3971 we can help you.