Meth Addiction and Abuse in Wolverhampton West Midlands

Meth Addiction

Many lives have been lost because of the addiction to Meth, this is one the most addictive substances.

Amongst the most addictive drug the United Kingdom is Meth. It is so potent that people have developed an addiction after taking it only once.

Some of the reasons why people try Meth are to get high, curiosity and even to lose weight. Once they experience the high it gives and increased energy, they continue using it without realizing they are asking for trouble.

The feelings of confidence, euphoria and alertness result with its use, it has powerful impact on the brain's reward system.

Meth is exceedingly addictive as it liberates an extra three times the amount of dopamine than Cocaine.

This quantity of dopamine in the brain thanks to the use of Meth, is much higher than the normal. This reinforces the behaviour of abuse and likelihood of binging. The cravings for Meth often cause a person to alter their life do to the reward system being rewired.

Meth alters the minds reward system, destructing healthy decisions making it problematic to suppress. Rehabilitation programs exist that assist Meth addicts to regain their physical, mental and emotional control of their lives independent of the drug. For help finding treatment centres call us now.

Getting To Know Methamphetamine

Meth is the vernacular word intended for Methamphetamine. The drug is being produced both legally and illegally. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration under the name Desoxyn, is the legal form of methamphetamine, it is prescribed for patients with severe attention deficit disorder and obesity where other treatments have failed to give positive results.

Meth is usually a white, odourless powder in its illicit form, which can be injected, snorted or taken orally.

The effective, smokeable form of Meth which contains minor, bluish-white crystals is Crystal Meth. Other street names for Meth include

  • Glass
  • Ice
  • Crystal
  • Crank
  • Redneck Cocaine

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Meth Effects And Abuse

When you obtain Meth illegally and use it, you are abusing the drug. Meth works with the chemistry of the brain, it causes a quick sensation of pleasure and a high state of alert, like other drugs such as Cocaine. The strongest effects are produced by the rush that can last up to 30 minutes. The second phase after the rush, is the experience of a steady high feeling that can last from four to 12 hours. How long this high lasts depends on the drug the method of ingestion.

Introducing Meth to the blood stream by injection works fast but the resultant high does not last long.

The effects of Meth include

  • Euphoria
  • Surge of energy
  • Talking non-stop
  • Empathy
  • Alertness
  • Not wanting to eat

People can binge on the drug because it is affordable and also because they like the way it makes them feel. Most addicted individuals will take the drug continuously for many days to remain on a high. After a while, the Meth doesn't produce the same effects and the person using it needs higher doses to get high.

Generally, taking too much of the drug to sustain the feelings may lead to an overdose.

Passing out, convulsions and even loss of consciousness are some of the hardest consequences of Meth because it increases the blood pressure and the heart rate. The over consumption could be deadly if one fails to pursue medical care once this occurs.

Common Drug Combinations

Polydrug use (using more than one drug at a time) is common among people who take Meth. Normally, this happens at dance clubs, music festivals and parties.

Ketamine, Ecstasy, Cocaine and Alcohol are some of the substance that normally is mixed with Meth. It is highly dangerous and the risk of overdose is significantly higher when it's combined with these other drugs.

Meth Abuse Statistics

Meth misuse reduced virtually by 300,000 steady consumers from 2006 to 2012. The knowledge about the threat that this drug represents and the new treatments to quit it have helped to reduce the numbers of addicts.

A lot of the people who are facing Meth addiction problems believe that they will never again be able to take control of their life. It is one of the hardest jobs to treat the Meth addiction, and usually, rehabilitation and professional management are also required in beating it. It is, however, treatable under the right conditions Please call us today if you or someone you love are ready to overcome a Meth addiction.