Methadone Addiction and Abuse in Wolverhampton West Midlands

What Is Methadone

When a person is feeling pain that is somewhere between average in intensity and very intense, an artificial opioid known as pill Methadone is used. It is more popularly used as a medication to combat heroin withdrawals.

Methadone is habit-forming, even though it is usually used to minimize the desire to use opiates.

Being designated as a schedule II drug the use of Methadone has been legalized but there is as well a high likelihood of users of the drug developing a dependence on the medication. It is in the same class as morphine and hydrocodone.

It targets the same areas of the brain as other opiates hence easing withdrawal.

Misusing Methadone

Methadone is not regulated as heavily as some other varieties because it is being utilized as a method to curb addiction and to reduce cravings. This is rightly due to its addictive potential that can be easily abused by patients. Since the substance is manufactured to the reverse the efficacy of opiates, they do not induce the same feelings of extreme happiness and excitement that are normally associated with other opiates, like heroin and morphine. Addicts will go to any length to feel the high, that is why they abuse Methadone.

Any instance of use beyond the prescribed amount is considered as substance abuse.

When an addict uses it to curb a drug habit they are at great risk of just switching from their initial addiction to Methadone addiction.

Addicted To Methadone

A lot of professional medical practitioners see Methadone as an essential drug in assisting addicts overcome opiate addiction, and that is why discussions of Methadone are prohibited by social conventions. Due to the nature of Methadone this good faith could breed an addiction.

Though it doesn't give the euphoric high, it offers relief from unpleasant sensations. With tolerance being established, the need to take more and more of the drugs become imperative.

Drugs And Methadone

Negative interactions are common with other drugs because Methadone is classified as a depressant and is also similar to alcohol, which has the same designation. It is a notable fact that alcoholism and Methadone use go together. This is a lethal dual as the body's vital signs may be slowed down below the normal range.

A number of herbal treatments, like St. John's Wort, are also not safe to use with Methadone. If you or someone you know is addicted to Methadone and any other substance you should be looking forward to getting help right away.

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Statistics Of Methadone Misuse

From 1999-2006 fatalities related to Methadone poisoning have increased from 790 to 5,420.

An estimated 750,000 prescriptions for Methadone were given in 2008 alone.

A surge from 28,235 to 36,265 of opioid abuse that includes Methadone were reported from 2000 to 2001.

Methadone accounts for approximately 33% of opiate pain reliever related overdose deaths.

Overcoming A Methadone Addiction

Quitting Methadone can be a very hard thing to do, as it is the case with any other opiate. Like any other drug, the body gets conditioned to operating under its influence causing adverse effects when drug use is stopped. Contact us on 0800 772 3971 for help overcoming your addiction.