Pain Killer Addiction and Abuse in Wolverhampton West Midlands

What Is Addiction To Painkillers All About

In America, prescription pain relievers are some of the most addictive drugs. A huge number of medicines for painkillers are prescribed across the country causing danger of addiction to numerous clients who are on their endorsed dosage.

Patients can start develop an addiction to painkillers even if they take no more than the prescribed dose of the medicine. Due to the 'high' feeling associated with analgesics and the pace of becoming reliant on the drug, analgesics represents a significant portion of drugs in high demand in the United States leading to an alarming number of addictions. Find an addiction treatment facility that suits all your needs by calling 0800 772 3971.

Corporeal reliance and mental obligation to use a substance delineate an addiction. If the user uses pain relievers for an extended time, he/she can develop a physical addiction.

Physical dependence implies developing tolerance and having certain symptoms in case of withdrawal. Physical dependency is marked by the ignorant behaviour towards the negative consequences of abusing drugs.

Painkiller Addiction Statistics

You may be surprised by the fact that addiction to prescribed painkiller a general issue that we are facing in the society.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has some frightening data on analgesic misuse.

Help is within reach, if you have a painkiller dependency. I you are willing to recover and are ready to take the first step towards it, you definitely will recover.

Typical Addictive Painkillers

  • Codeine- This isn't an overly powerful opiate making it readily available to individuals since it is created to cure aches of reduced magnitude.
  • Codeine is an easy target for young adults. Mostly consumed with sweet drinks. The combination goes by the name purple drank or sizzurp.
  • Usage of codeine can attract the user to try other more unsafe sedatives.
  • Darvocet/Darvon Darvocet and Darvon, drugs that are banned by FDA were propoxyphene-based painkillers that caused huge number of hospitalizations due to dangerous side effects and deaths when it was in circulation.
  • However, at the present time these and similar addictive substances may still be around.
  • Demerol - Though it is not often used in recent times due to the high possibility of a user relying on the drug, Demerol is used to alleviate painful sensations of varying intensity.
  • Demerol is the brand name for meperidine and causes a high just like morphine.
  • Dilaudid - It is a strong opioid painkiller and is at times referred to as "hospital grade heroin".
  • Administered in prolonged-release tablets, is very dangerous, especially for those who has no tolerance to opioids - in such a case abuse of Dilaudid can result in breathing troubles or even cause death.
  • Fentanyl - It is a synthetic painkiller that's 100 times stronger than morphine and is only prescribed to people who are tolerant to opioids and experience severe pain.
  • if utilized along with different painkillers including heroin, fentanyl can rapidly prompt to overdose and result in various risky symptoms.
  • Hydrocodone - It can be found in drugs like Norco and Vicodin and is a primary ingredient in several strong painkillers.
  • Though the FDA has endorsed products of hydrocodone, it is normally mixed with acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  • They are all exceptionally addictive.
  • Methadone - It is an opioid that is used to alleviate moderate to serious pain and to control cravings of users who are dependent to other opiates such as heroin.
  • Despite being used to treat opiate addicts, methadone itself is an addictive drug.
  • Morphine it's a high degree strong sedative, Many consider morphine as a blessing for individuals experiencing extreme unending pain
  • Considered as the most addictive substances available currently and its usage has caused lot of accidental medication related deaths across the country.
  • Oxycodone - It is sold under trade names like Percocet and OxyContin and is one of the most addictive prescribed painkillers.
  • It's highly recommended drug by doctors to curb pain and has a high potential for manhandle.

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Discovering Treatment For Painkiller Addiction

Being addicted to painkillers is very destructive, risky, and expensive. Lots of people are trying to overcome this sort of drug addiction; fortunately, there also are many qualified professionals who are willing to help. Selecting a good addiction treatment facility will enable you to overbear your addiction to painkiller and regain control over your life. Lots of rehabilitation centres with highly qualified addiction counsellors and effective, well-proven treatment programs are available to you. We can assist you to locate a treatment facility that will help you beat your addiction to pain relievers while taking into account your budget, individual requirements and whereabouts.