Stimulant Addiction and Abuse in Wolverhampton West Midlands

Knowledge Of Stimulants

Students and athletes frequently make efforts to increase their performance by abusing Stimulants. Others use them with recreational ends.

Stimulants function by acting on the central nervous system to increase alertness and cognitive function. Stimulants may be prescription drugs or the prohibited substances like Cocaine. Abusers commonly snort, inject or take the substance orally.

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Brands Of Prescription Stimulants

People suffering from obesity, narcolepsy and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are usually prescribed certain Stimulants. Amphetamines and methylphenidates are the most common prescription Stimulants. Despite the variation between Stimulants at the molecular level (amphetamines and methylphenidate), they more or less still bring the same effects when ingested. Depending on the patient's circumstance, the doctor prescribes either amphetamines and methylphenidates.

Prescription Stimulants that have been commonly used are

  • Adderall-This is the most common amphetamine in the U.S. and was first approved in 1960 for treatment of ADHD.
  • Dexedrine - is most commonly used to treat ADHD and has been on the market for American consumers since 1976.
  • These drugs are popularly used by the US.
  • Air Force during World War II through the Gulf War to assist in keeping pilots awake.
  • Ritalin - has been used since 1955 for treating hyperactive children.
  • This drug is a Methylphenidate which is why it differs from Adderall and Dexedrine.
  • They diverge at the molecular level but both have the same Stimulants impact on people.
  • Concerta - This is a new drug used to treat ADHD and was only approved in the year 2000.
  • Concerta and Ritalin have different power and lasting but both are methylphenidate.
  • Desoxyn - this is a methamphetamine that is highly regulated and prescribed.
  • It was the first remedy ordered to treat obesity in 1947.
  • It is also used to treat ADHD.
  • Ephedrine - with effects like other Stimulants, this drug have been used to decrease hunger and to deal with asthma.
  • It is frequently available over the counter and is commonly used as an ingredient in clandestine meth labs.

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Stimulants Misuse Effects

Since they have a high potential for abuse and addiction, prescription Stimulants are classified as a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Each month, prescription Stimulants are misused by 0.9 million people in the U.S.

The effects of Stimulants include

  • Intense joy or euphoria
  • A reduction in appetite
  • Alertness
  • Predisposition to talk more than the usual
  • Increased level of energy

The common reason in abusing prescribed Stimulants is to achieve enhanced performance. This is why Stimulants are so used by athletes and students, to stand out.

The chemical that makes the pleasure sensation in the brain is dopamine, and it produces a lot thanks to Stimulants. The brain may lose the ability to produce dopamine in the absence of a Stimulants if the Stimulants is used regularly. Stimulants abuse is strengthened by this requirement for dopamine, which can evolve into an addiction as time passes.

Stimulants That Are Prohibited

Cocaine, Crack, and Crystal Meth are part of the list of Stimulants. Effects similar to those of prescription Stimulants are developed by these drugs.